Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Clarify your biodiversity strategy: organisation, subsidiary or product. EVEA offers an accompaniment in the evaluation of the services provided to your company by ecosystems.



EVEA offers to help you:

1- Understand: Mapping and evaluation of the biodiversity factors of your activity, subsidiary or product.

2- Improve: Establishment of an action plan and ecosystem performance monitoring.

3- Benefit: Advice concerning the communication relating to biodiversity.






Our methods:

- EVEA applies the methods of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment 2005, as well as the directions provided by the National Strategy for Biodiversity (Stratégie Nationale sur la Biodiversité).

- EVEA is a member of the association OREE and participates in their work groups on biodiversity and economy.

- EVEA offers a training session on biodiversity to understand the principles, factors and evaluation methods.


Contact : François Danic - 




Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) : initiative de l'ONU Ecosystem Services Review                                                     TEEB : Economie des écosystèmes et de la biodiversité