Environmental Labelling

Communicate the environmental performance of your products and stand out!
We provide a global solution for environmental labelling which is scientifically reliable and relevant to your marketing targets.

Following the second Environmental Grenelle in 2010, the Minister for Sustainable Development launched a national experiment for environmental labelling of consumer goods and created the platform ADEME-AFNOR to define the methodologies to be used for each family of products. Nearly 300 companies put themselves forward to participate in this experiment uniquely in Europe.

From the start, EVEA has followed the methodological work of the platform and the European Union regarding product environmental labelling.

We accompany our clients with a global service and guarantee a reliable and relevant environmental label for the final client.
This service includes:

- an international benchmark for environmental labelling by sector

- specification of a relevant set of indicators for the sector

- development of an environmental performance rating method

- creation of the label: the background and format

- development and provision of a secure web-platform which allows collaboration between large numbers of people: suppliers, sub-contractors, distributors . . .

At the National Ecodesign Conference (Colloque National Eco-conception) 2012, Guillaume Jouanne, EVEA's software development manager, presented environmental labelling for consumer goods.

Four accompaniments in the scope of the environmental labelling experiment:


Labelling for the entire range of Bel'M doors made of wood, composite and aluminium to compare their environmental performances

Environmental labelling based on ACVs performed by EVEA.


8 environmental performance indicators

The environmental label:

  • Each indicator has been ranked on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • The indicators have been averaged to provide a global score ranging from A to G, as seen on energy efficiency labels.
  • The scale is designed such that a score of "G" corresponds to a door designed in the 1960's.



3 gas bottle references (13 kg, 10kg and 6kg)

Project based on results from an LCA previously performed by Butagaz with EVEA (2009-2011) before environmental labelling was being considered.

12 environmental indicators were evaluated via LCA.

2 indicators were identified as being relevant to the label:

  • Climate change
  • Depletion of non-renewable resources

The environmental label:

  • Each indicator is expressed as an absolute value and as a percentage of an average European household.
  • In parallel to this, a communication on the life-span of gas bottles (reusable packaging) was performed.


Labelling of over 1400 references including glues, mastics, paints and laminates





Environmental indicators:

  • Method NF P01-010 (previous method for creating EPDs in France).
  • 4 to 5 indicators used for communication and scoring.

The environmental label:

  • Linear scoring marked on the product ticket in 9 stores.
  • Complete communication package (in the aisles, on the website etc.)
  • A / B / C / D scale defined to achieve a suitable distribution of scores (min. impact = "A", max. impact = "D", 20% of products scoring "A")



Environmental labelling for tourist accommodations:


Two clients supplied with software and trained by EVEA:

   Shaving impact, based on 3 indicators

Bic Affichage Environnemental



EVEA is also getting involved in environmental labelling on a larger scale:

EVEA contributes to the work of the Environmental Labelling platform, notably to take into account the life-span of products.


EVEA with Terra 21 co-organised the professional networking event "Environmental Labelling Meetings" ("Rencontres Affichage environnemental"), 26 January 2012 in Nantes: over 150 professional participants.


Our vocation is for accompaniment and the transfer of skills: EVEA has accompanied many industrials with the integration of LCA and ecodesign into their procedures and information systems.


 26 January 2012, over 150 companies came together at the Lieu Unique in Nantes to discuss and share their knowledge on environmental labelling. This event was organised by Terra 21, EVEA Conseil and EVEA Tourisme. We invite you to join us soon for another professional meeting . . .


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