Life Cycle Analysis

Multi-criteria, multi-stage global evaluation
Based around the primary function of your product or service - A recognised measure of environmental performance
ACV screening

A boundary evaluation to quickly identify the environmental factors of your products and to help decision making. A first step to help you facilitate internal ecodesign.



An exhaustive and recognised evaluation respecting the norms ISO 14040 & 14044. To improve your external communications and environmental labelling as well as reinforcing your internal actions.

Sustainable LCA

A sustainable development evaluation with emphasis on social and economic factors. Find out more on our social LCA page.

Database creation

Are you a LCA practitioner? EVEA develops specific databases and produces Life Cycle Inventories (LCIs)


Have you already performed an LCA and wish to support the credibility of your results by a third party review? EVEA can organise and perform critical reviews of your work.



An evaluation according to the environmental labelling rules and accompaniment with the communication of the results. Find out more about environmental labelling.