Preuv' © Method

A striking and risk-free method for environmental communication
A methodology developed by EVEA for validating all types of communication material
The aspects which contribute the most to the global environmental impacts are taken into account. The argument is not based upon anecdotal elements.
The environmental statements are supported with concrete information, numerical data and sources.
The environmental information is proven and the data is accurate.
Communication which is sensitised, informative and promotes actions in favour of the environment.

Complementary information and sources are made available to the public.

Many products present real environmental advantages; however, these are rarely used as marketing arguments for adding value to an offer. Are the companies afraid of exposing themselves to criticism, or being accused of "greenwashing"?

To help clients assure their environmental communication, EVEA has developed a methodology called PREUV’©. EVEA checks the background and form of the communication to ensure that the client is in conformity with the norm ISO 14040. In particular, EVEA checks:

- the choice of environmental statements: words such as "recyclable", "sustainable", biodegradable" and even "recycled" are governed by strict rules of usage.

- the sources

- the form and graphical format