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Promoting sustainable development through ecodesign
100 organisations accompanied since 2005 / 10 collective actions / Over 200 professionals trained each year / numerous R&D projects since 2008 . . .

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EVEA in a few words

EVEA is a team motivated by the need to take decisive actions today in preparation for tomorrow, brought together by common values and principles: integrity, practicality and innovation

Our ambition is to contribute to sustainable methods of production and consumption by acting at the very start of the design stage: from the R&D and innovation of the product or service.
Since the creation of EVEA, we have shared this vision as well as our tools and methods: We have developed a consultancy service, an extensive training package and powerful software tools. "Creating sustainable solutions" is a concept both pragmatic and idealistic!

EVEA in a few dates

2005-2006 : EVEA is created in Nantes by Jean-Baptiste Puyou after 10 years experience of ecodesign and LCA. The team numbers 6 people.

2007-2008 : EVEA acquires new competences, opens a Lyon office and obtains accreditation as a Research Organisation.

2009-2010 : EVEA establishes a third location in the Aube Technopole in Troyes. Software activities increase with innovative tools being produced by EVEA: Ev-DEC for the construction sector and e-DEA for sharing LCAs within companies and facilitating collaboration on projects. The tools MALICE (Tourism) and TOOVALU (carbon footprint and CSR reporting) are adopted by numerous clients. Dedicated subsidiaries will be developed for these activities in 2011 and 2012.

Today, EVEA is also located in Paris and numbers 30 staff.