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The Pauses Vit'animées are trimestrial meetings organised by EVEA in Lyon, Nantes, Paris and other locations. In a condensed format and over breakfast, the idea is to present real and innovative solutions for environmental integration, specific to your product or service. Participants may include directors, entrepreneurs, marketing representatives, product or service developpers, R&D .... These meetings also include guests from major solution providers and/or companies already involved in a transition to a sustainable model.






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40 € excl. VAT


8:00 - Welcome with breakfast

8:30 - Presentation

9:30 - Discussion


For further information please contact Marion Laprée :
00 33 (0)4 37 65 13 61



Recap of the previous Pauses Vit'animées

5th edition: Ecodesign common sense

26 June 2014 - Annecy - Guest : Benoit Laval, President and founder of Raidlight-Vertical
For the last 10 years EVEA has accompanied companies in their ecodesign strategies, providing advice, methodologies and software. However the success of any ecodesign strategy depends less on the amount of money invested or the software provided, and more upon the willingness of a director and his team. "Ecodesign common sense" applies simple and pragmatic principles which have a strong effect on a product's environmental performance: durability, modularity, selection and reduction of materials . . .
Today we welcome Raidlight-Vertical. This pioneering brand in Trail-Running has implemented their own ecodesign strategy, including a transversal and collaborative innovation approach. They have notably received a mention in the Janus Ecodesign awards in 2009 and 2012, and have launched an online community platform.
With our guest Benoit Laval, Président and founder of Raidlight-Vertical, who will present their collaborative ecodesign  approach.

4th edition: Towards an integrated and systematic CSR approach - from company policy to final client

2nd October 2013 - Paris - Guest: Marie-Noëlle Joinville (Manager Innovation & Eco-conception Cosmetics) and Karen Lemasson (Manager Sustainability & CSR) of Laboratoires Expanscience

10 years ago, the French law NRE (New Economic Regulations) obliged all public listed companies to undertake social and environmental management; today it includes all companies with over 500 employees.

This regulatory obligation has inspired certain companies to develop their CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) into an integrated, operational and systematic approach. This involves creating a transversal and collaborative dynamic between departments as well as with all invested parties: civilians, clients, suppliers and consumers.

With our guests: Marie-Noëlle Joinville (Manager Innovation & Eco-conception Cosmetics) and Karen Lemasson (Manager Sustainability & CSR) of Laboratoires Expanscience (dermo-cosmetic products Mustela & Noviderm) will present their pioneering integrated CSR approach.

3rd edition: Social Life Cycle Analysis - Designing responsible products via integrated S-LCA 

29th January 2013 - Paris - Guest: Jan Schoeneboom, in charge of sustainability evaluation at BASF

During the last 15 years, environmental LCA has seen a rapid deployment; especially within industrial companies. In 2011, 29 of the 31 companies of the CAC 40 integrated this practice*. In the wake of this success follows social LCA. This emerging methodology allows a similar approach to analyse the social impacts of a product (or service) throughout its entire life cycle. In 2009, the UNEP developped guidelines for Social Life Cycle Analysis (S-LCA), and now certain companies integrate S-LCA into the sustainability evaluation of their products.

With our guest: BASF, represented by Jan Schoeneboom, in charge of sustainability evaluation, who will present the integration of social and environmental LCA with economic evealuation into their process analysis via their integrated method SEEBALANCE™.

* qualitative estimations by EVEA

2nd edition: Integrating LCA as a piloting tool for R&D

4th October 2012 - Lyon - Guest : Guy-Noël Sauvion, manager of the 3E service (eco-efficiency evaluation) at Rhodia

Driven by a structural increase in the price of raw materials and new client demands, as well as regulatory constraints, companies must innovate to stay competitive. As such, R&D departments need to integrate new components into their roles such as anticipation of the evolving regulations or development of the eco-efficiency of their solutions. In this context, LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) is emerging as a relevant method to guide R&D as well as driving environmental performance. 

With our guest: Rhodia, represented by Guy-Noël Sauvion, manager of the 3E service (eco-efficiency evaluation), who will present the integration of LCA as a piloting tool for R&D in their group.

1st edition: Which innovative model to close the material loop?

4th May 2012 - Lyon - Guest: Chris Baker, Managing Director Europe at TerraCycle
In France, less than 25% of household plastic packaging are sorted and valorised, and certain products, such as writing materials and toothbushes, don't fall into any sorting category. Yet these plastics can have a second life and as such have a value!
With our guest: TerraCycle, an american start-up founded 10 years ago, now present in 20 countries, which organises the recycling of packaging materials for numerous household names (Bic, Nestlé, Gsk, Logitech, Kraft Foods, . . . ) giving them a second life.