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The right software for the right purpose. Thanks to a diversified range of efficient tools, EVEA can satisfy the needs of your business : analyzing your products and projects through the LCA method, measuring your environmental footprint, better communicating your impacts and approach.

Data collection for multiple companies, modelling interface dedicated to the company, input parameters to existing models... EVEA develop various software solutions. Contact us!

Since 1990, the best-selling LCA software in the world. A tool of recognized scientific reliability and data transparency, integrating the latest methods and data.

Elodie is a collaborative tool developed by our partner, CSTB. It provides quantified environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of a building, both for tertiary and residential.


e-DEA is easy to use by non-LCA experts to achieve informed decision making regarding sustainability issues even at the earliest stages of the design process.

EVEA propose the "Direct" version of SimaPro, and the "Share And Collect" add-on, to simplify, roll out, collect...


A solution to automate and optimize EPD production in the frame of environmental quality of buildings, in accordance with the NF P01-010 and EN 15 804 standards.


A user-friendly web platform to pilot and consolidate your social and environmental indicators easily, according to the ISO 26 000 standard and the Bilan Carbone® method.


A tool to help you assess sustainability, visualize and optimize processes, with a site-oriented approach. Developed by our partner ifu, we recommand it for a global view of your facilities.

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