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International Day for Biological Diversity


This May 22, 2023, we celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity.


At EVEA, we support you in your transition to a sustainable, environmentally friendly product and service offering. We help you address your environmental issues in their entirety, by integrating the climate issue, access to resources, but also the preservation of biological diversity.


How can we do this? With a customized path, from raising your teams' awareness to defining a trajectory, through the construction of action plans on your value chain.


👉Biological diversity, directly impacted by human activities, is collapsing at an unprecedented rate
👉Its preservation is essential to maintain the balance of ecosystems and to ensure the survival of species (including our own)


How to assess the biodiversity footprint of your products/services/activities?
How to integrate the consideration of biological diversity in your projects and strategies?


On this awareness day, we invite you to become aware of the importance of biological diversity and the need to act, at your level, to preserve it. ▪️


Jeanne Serre, Hugo Vasselon, François Danic