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Interview with Samuel Causse in "Agir à Lyon & ses alentours" magazine by Anciela


The September 2023 issue of Agir à Lyon & ses alentours magazine, in collaboration with the Institut Transitions, spoke to Samuel Causse, head of our Agro-resources and Green Chemistry offering.


Samuel took the opportunity to explain how EVEA supports organizations in improving their environmental and social performance, for example in the agricultural sector:

In the agricultural field, we will be studying eutro-phization, acidification, soil and water ecotoxicity... We collect numerous data related to air, soil and water in order to understand the impact of an action on biodiversity and human life.

Agir à Lyon & ses alentours is the magazine of Anciela, "an independent association that fosters, encourages and supports citizens' commitments and initiatives in favor of an ecological and inclusive society".