EVEA is a signatory of the Planet Tech'Care manifesto


In 2020, EVEA is mobilizing to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology with a network of partners, experts in digital technology and the environment via the Planet Tech'Care platform.

Our commitments as a signatory of the manifesto:
1. Recognize that environmental change is a major challenge for humanity on which digital actors have an impact and must mobilize
  • Make a public commitment by signing the manifesto
  • Disseminate the initiative to their sphere of influence
2. Mobilize to contribute, at their level, to the control of environmental risks
  • Measure the environmental footprint (at least carbon footprint) of their digital products and services
  • Identify and implement actions to reduce their environmental impact
  • Identify and implement actions to extend the lifespan of digital products and services
  • Share this information and actions with relevant stakeholders
3. For educational institutions or those offering training, set up training modules or curricula to develop the skills of students and employees in terms of responsible and ecologically efficient digital technology.

Gwenaëlle Souffran, our Digital Division Manager, participates in the workshops of the initiative's partners. Do not hesitate to contact her to discuss Eco-design and Life Cycle Assessment in the responsible digital sector.

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