Since 2005, EVEA has reinforced its vocation to transmit the know-how of its core business: eco-design. EVEA wishes to continue to respond to the diversity of your customer needs and to be closer to your problems.

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Eco-design, Management Systems


Ecodeclarations, EPD, environmental communication


Agricultural and agri-food sectors

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Datadock is a common database for all funders that was launched in January 2017 by a collective of OPCAs. Training organizations are obliged to register on the platform in order to prove their compliance with the quality requirements set out by law.
Being "datadocked" is a mandatory prerequisite for benefiting from any funding for a training.
To be "referenced" on Datadock, a training organization must describe how it meets each of the 21 quality indicators and provide the associated evidence (these can be consulted on the Datadock site).

Data Dock
EVEA is a Datadock accredited training organization


EVEA is strongly committed to an approach that aims to welcome people with disabilities without discrimination and to guarantee them equal rights and opportunities to access employment and training. In this respect, EVEA has appointed a Disability Advisor who is an internal resource on disability with the main objective of supporting the management and implementation of our commitments. To carry out their missions, the EVEA Disability Officer relies on a network of specialized external partners and the entire internal team, which is regularly informed and made aware of the issue.

Health prevention plan

EVEA does everything possible to ensure that the inter-company training days take place under the best possible conditions and in compliance with the health measures in force. All our sessions are maintained and conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams.


Training courses

Date Title Place Training program
ISO 14001 (1 jour)


Programme ISO 14 001 intégrant la conception.pdf
ACV Sociale (1 jour)


Programme ACV sociale.pdf
Agribalyse dans SimaPro (1 jour)


Programme Agribalyse dans SimaPro.pdf
FDES : les réaliser, les valoriser et les utiliser en ACV bâtiment (2 jours)


Programme FDES.pdf
ACV et SimaPro 9 - Modules 1, 2 et 3 (3 jours)


Programme ACV et SimaPro 9.pdf

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