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EVEA is a cooperative S.A.S specialist in product lifecycle analysis.

Since 2005 we have been helping companies assess and improve the environmental performance of their products and services.

EVEA is recognized for its expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its transversal approach to the evaluation of product sustainability: social LCA, territorial economic footprint, evaluation of externalities. .

A vocation: the transfer of our skills, through our offer of training, the deployment of software and the accompaniment of our customers. ... with an entrepreneurial and cooperative culture that we want to share!


Our Team

We are a team of specialists in our clients' sectors of activity, able to investigate the environmental and social issues related to their products and propose improvements. EVEA also includes a team dedicated to software: eco-design, environmental assessment LCA and MFA, climate strategy, CSR reporting.

Sabrina Bauthamy Administrative department Sales Administration Training

Sabrina Bauthamy

Nicolas Béalu LCA & Ecodesign Consultant FDES-certified verifier

Nicolas Béalu

Fabien Bouton Ecodesign & Ecoinnovation Missions Director Nantes agency manager

Fabien Bouton

Chloé Brailly Software developer

Chloé Brailly

Samuel Causse Agro-resources - Chemistry Missions Director

Samuel Causse

Julia Cayetanot LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Julia Cayetanot

Mathilde Ceccaldi LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Mathilde Ceccaldi

Romain Chareton LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Romain Chareton

Sylvain Cleder LCA & Ecodesign Study Manager FDES-certified verifier

Sylvain Cleder

Bernadette Clément Accountant

Bernadette Clément

Thibaud Cordina Software developer

Thibaud Cordina

Laureline Dalaut LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Laureline Dalaut

François Danic Project Manager Climate & biodiversity

François Danic

Adèle Decarsin LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Adèle Decarsin

Héloïse Descotes-Genon LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Héloïse Descotes-Genon

Nicolas Dimic System and Network Administrator

Nicolas Dimic

Chloé Dumora LCA & Ecodesign Project Manager

Chloé Dumora

Matthieu Elizalde LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Matthieu Elizalde

Louis-Joseph Falcoz Software developer

Louis-Joseph Falcoz

Armelle Gac LCA & Ecodesign Project Manager

Armelle Gac

Mathieu Galliou LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Mathieu Galliou

Yves Gérand Global Project Manager

Yves Gérand

Lucas Giard Building Missions Director

Lucas Giard

Océanne Gobillion LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Océanne Gobillion

Rebecca Gomez LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Rebecca Gomez

Mathilde Greco LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Mathilde Greco

Maiwenn Hochet LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Maiwenn Hochet

Denis Hubert Software Director Software Development Manager

Denis Hubert

Benoît Lacasa Full-Stack Developer Lead Developer

Benoît Lacasa

Kévin Lafaye LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Kévin Lafaye

Le Gauche
Valentin Le Gauche Computer engineer

Valentin Le Gauche

Le Pochat
Stéphane Le Pochat Director R&D Manager

Stéphane Le Pochat

Camille Lefoulon LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Camille Lefoulon

Elise Lejeune LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Elise Lejeune

Gauthier Leymary LCA & Ecodesign Study Manager

Gauthier Leymary

Thomas Montchovet LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Thomas Montchovet

Aude Monteil LCA & Ecodesign Project Manager

Aude Monteil

Charles Moraillon IT project manager

Charles Moraillon

Estelle Orhant Management assistant

Estelle Orhant

Tim Osmond LCA & Ecodesign Consultant PEP-certified verifier

Tim Osmond

Violaine Penelon LCA & Ecodesign Study Manager

Violaine Penelon

Aurélie Perrin LCA & Ecodesign Project Manager

Aurélie Perrin

Emmanuel Peteuil LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Emmanuel Peteuil

Benjamin Plat LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Benjamin Plat

Jean-Baptiste Puyou CEO

Jean-Baptiste Puyou

Maëlle Raffray LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Maëlle Raffray

Pauline Roignant LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Pauline Roignant

Arnaud Roquesalane LCA & Ecodesign Project Manager

Arnaud Roquesalane

Nina Rychel LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Nina Rychel

Clément Simons Full-Stack Developer

Clément Simons

Gwenaëlle Souffran Digital Department Leader

Gwenaëlle Souffran

Valérie Tardieux Director of Administrative Services Human resources

Valérie Tardieux

Lisa Tauzin LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Lisa Tauzin

Cécile Touret Development Manager

Cécile Touret

Hugo Vasselon LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Hugo Vasselon

Marie Vuaillat LCA & Social-LCA Project Manager

Marie Vuaillat

Léa Wiederspiel LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Léa Wiederspiel

Anthony Zidane LCA & Ecodesign Consultant

Anthony Zidane



    Structure and development - 2019-2020

    EVEA is expanding: dedicated teams have been created for Eco-innovation, Responsible Digital, Green Chemistry, etc., in addition to the existing teams for Food and Building.


    2019 - Shared governance

    We work collectively on our raison d'être and implement shared governance, the translation of the EVEA spirit of cooperation.


    In "cooperative" mode - 2017

    EVEA becomes a S.A.S Cooperative: a creation of shared value, a governance associating the whole team, in all consistency with our advice and tools for a more sustainable world! Cooperate, share, involve ... just like with our customers. The workshop intervention is widespread, our software has opted for web access. Including the most emblematic, Simapro, from September 2017!


    2016 - Sectoral Expertise

    New developments within the team: a PEP Auditor for EEE environmental product declarations and an accredited BBCA and Energie Carbone consultant for building life cycle analysis. For several years EVEA has also had two FDES auditors (environmental-health declarations for building materials). Our other sectoral recognitions include: Plant chemistry (ACDV guide), Food industry (ADEME study), Energy and territories (Venteea project).


    10 years of EVEA! - 2015

    Our evaluations and advisory missions increasingly deal with social issues and job creation related to products: methods and tools derived from our internal R & D, with the support of pioneer clients TOOVALU participates in COP21 to Paris.


    2011-2013 - EVEA spun off with the creation of subsidiaries

    TOOVALU, a software solution for monitoring the climate strategy and the CSR reporting of companies EVEA Tourism, which became independent in 2015 and adopted the name "Betterfly Tourism"


    Internal projects -2011

    Organization by centers of competence. Several members of the team become Associates. Annualization of consultants' working time in exchange for 10 to 12 days of annual rest: an original collective agreement in a service company, so as to assert the autonomy and the implication of each one.


    2010 - Troyes, EVEA 2.0

    Implementation in Troyes within the Technopole de l'Aube to develop software activity in a start-up spirit.


    Lyon - 2008

    Establishment in Lyon: from the west to the great south-east we want to be closer to our customers


    2005 - Top departure in Nantes

    Jean-Baptiste creates EVEA after 10 years of experience in eco-design. From the earliest years, the team grew to combine expertise in environmental assessment, product design, software distribution and customer support.


EVEA brings its expertise in Green chemistry and LCA to a symposium on surfactants


On July 5, EVEA gave two presentations at French chemistry think tank Adebiotech’s symposium “Sustainable bio-based surfactants” on the environmental implications of surfactants. The two-day symposium took place in the Parisian suburb of Romainville.

EVEA’s Agro-resources & Green chemistry director, Samuel Causse, gave both presentations on the second day. The first presentation was on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a methodology and how it can be used as a decision-making tool in the development of environmental, social and industrial products and services. The second was on the application of LCA to different surfactants (petrochemical, green chemistry and biotechnical) and how to improve environmental performance for each kind of surfactant. The presentations were both followed by lots of interaction with the audience; audience members and other presenters alike had several questions on EVEA’s presentations and on the environmental evaluation sector in general.

Other subjects covered during the symposium included international regulations for chemical substances containing surfactants, surfactants’ implications in agro-chemistry and public water sources, and others. By using cases from our own work at EVEA, we were able to contribute an environmental and social perspective to one of the larger conversations at the symposium on chemical use, and particularly surfactants, in consumer products.

Special thanks to Adebiotech’s Sylvio Bengio, Givaudan’s Alexis Rannou and SEPPIC’s Sébastien Duprat de Paule for inviting EVEA and facilitating our presence!

To know more about where we present or about our involvement in the green chemistry sector, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact formula or by sending us an email at


EVEA & Social LCA: EVEA contributes to guidelines for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)


From April 24-26 in Paris, a group of LCA specialists currently participating in the UNEP’s Life Cycle Initiative met with a number of academics and LCA consultants who pioneered the development of social LCA. Marie Vuaillat, EVEA’s Mission Director and primary Social LCA expert, participated.

The goal of this workshop was to update the international guidelines for the use of social LCA and to develop a new version of the guide that covers them. 10 years after the publication of the first UNEP/SETAC guide on social LCA, interest in the subject has increased considerably; several new methods, data, and case studies have since been published that subsequently contributed to its evolution. Updating the guidelines became a necessary next step.

Topics of discussion at the workshop included typologies of social LCA, current social LCA guidelines and how they should be presented in the new guide, and how to communicate on and critically review social projects.

This was an opportunity for EVEA to contribute our expertise in social LCA, and to continue to strengthen it. On a larger scale it helped us continue working towards our overall mission: to always practice the best LCA methods and to share our expertise with others.

The next step for the development of the guide is a pilot phase, where use of the guide will be tested by businesses before its publication in April 2020.

If participation in the pilot phase interests you, or if you want to know more about EVEA’s role in this project, contact us!
To know more about the revision of the social LCA guidelines, please visit the Social LC Alliance’s website.

Participants in the workshop included social LCA specialists from PRé Consultants, LCA 2.0, CIRAIG, University of Ghent, University of Aachen, and others.


EVEA turns 15!


From May 15 to 17, the EVEA team got together for our bi-annual company meeting and celebrated our 2-year anniversary of becoming a SCOP! This is a nationally recognized and respected form of company governance in France where permanent employees are automatically associates and participate actively in decision-making processes. During various meetings, workshops and team-building activities, we were able to review our business activity over the last 6 months and work on how to move forward together.

At our headquarters in Nantes, we hosted our employees from all around France to discuss shared governance as well as company goals for the next 10 years. We also announced the official integration of our newest associates: Pauline Roignant, Lucas Giard, Louis-Joseph Falcoz and Sylvain Cleder. Welcome aboard!

We have grown considerably since 2018; EVEA is now a team of 40 people, 23 of which are associates. Over the past year we’ve seen a great display of talent from our employees in their projects, and we are proud of their determination to help all of our clients in their environmental pursuits!

We also were happy to have Isabelle Duchemin from iD STRATEGY & ORGANISATION (iDSO) and Guillaume Queguiner from l'Union Régionale des SCOP de l'Ouest (Western Regional Union of SCOPs). Thank you for your participation!

Source photo : EVEA


Nos établissements
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Adresse postale : 92 cours Vitton
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