A range of tools to measure your environmental impact according to your needs.

What tools for what uses? Thanks to a diversified range of products, EVEA adapts to your business, your sector and offers you powerful tools to carry out analyses, measure your environmental footprint and better communicate your impact and approach.

We distribute leading software

SimaPro: the world's leading expert software for Life Cycle Analysis.
Since 1990, the most sold ACV software in the world. A guarantee of scientific rigor and transparency of data, integrating the latest methods and databases available.
About SimaPro: SP Direct and S&C - EVEA offers the "Direct" version of SimaPro, and the add-on "Share & Collect", to simplify, deploy, collect ...
simapro autour
The tool for your FDES, PEP & EPD.
A solution to optimize and industrialize the realization of FDES, PEP and EPD according to the standard NF EN 15804, the French national complement or the PCR edition 3 of the Ecopassport® PEP program.
Your Carbon and CSR pilot solution.
An ergonomic web platform to easily manage and consolidate your social and environmental indicators, according to the ISO 26000 standard and the Bilan Carbone® method.
Discover Toovalu
Online Lifecycle Analysis adapted to product development.
Pulse LCA is accessible to non-LCA specialists and enables the company to make informed choices about sustainable development in all phases of product design.
ecodesign studio
Ecodesign Studio is the platform that allows you to structure your approach, to easily carry out numerous environmental assessments but also and above all to move on to the next step, that is to say eco-design.
Umberto is one of the leading software solutions for material flow analysis and LCA.


It is an expert tool for modeling and analyzing material and energy flows from processes, products, industrial sites and complex systems. With the help of renowned, integrable LCI databases (ecoinvent or GaBi databases) environmental impacts can be calculated. Since 1994, Umberto is an established and reliable software for the calculation of carbon footprints and for Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).

We develop tailor-made solutions

Eco-design and analysis
Allow analysis of products from modeling models
Among our clients:
Land of brewers, tool Eco-impact beer
Connect and interface
Applications related to SimaPro, your PLM or other internal tools, a CMS
Among our clients:
FCBA, Outil DE-Bois
Integrate, adapt
Constructing a tailor-made tool
Among our clients:
LVMH, internal tool EDI-Box eco-design pack
Communicate, deploy and facilitate decision-making among our clients:


Thu, 11/29/2018 - 11:45

Serge Ferrari, a world leader in flexible composite materials has just published their first Norwegian EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the product Flexlight Perform 832 for "tunnel" application. EVEA provided environmental analysis software and consultation services during the process.

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