Illustration of an office-style building undergoing renovation or construction.

What lies behind the term "construction"?


In an ideal world, our team specializing in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-design for the construction sector would be named the PMC and EEE team: PMC representing "products and materials for  construction," and EEE for "electrical and electronic equipment."


However, you'll understand that "Construction" is simpler and clearer.


This team of 22 consultants knows almost everything about the challenges of the building ecosystem.


On a daily basis:


  • They dissect PMCB and EEE, meaning products and construction materials, as well as electrical and electronic equipment.


  • They support industry professionals in enhancing their environmental and social performance.


  • They create Environmental and Health Product Declarations (FDES), Environmental Product Profiles (PEP), and greenhouse gas emissions inventories (GHG).


  • They verify FDES and PEP produced by other firms.


Since 2011, EVEA's Building team has completed nearly 650 EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations encompassing FDES, PEP, and EPS, their European equivalent). They have also verified almost 800!


FDES, PEP, EPD... It's this jungle of acronyms that we'll explore soon on this page. ■


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