10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse

On April 24, 2013, in Savar, Bangladesh, the Rana Plaza collapsed.

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Plastic Fresk in Lyon

On April 4, 2023, EVEA opened its premises in Lyon to a workshop of La Fresque du Plastique

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Designing offices with less environmental impact: the example of EVEA in Nantes

A look back at a project where reuse, the quality of service providers and elbow grease made the difference.

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Due diligence: using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Due diligence" is an expression that is increasingly in the news.

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Our partnership with Fashion GreenHub

EVEA is proud to announce its partnership with Fashion GreenHub (FGH)!

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EVEA is participating in the Accélérateur Morning

As an expert in the creation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) for the building sector

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The EVEA team is authorized to participate in the Diag Decarbon'action program

The EVEA team is now authorized to participate in the Diag Décarbon'action program launched by the ADEME and BPI France's call for projects for SMEs and micro businesses

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Tim Osmond, new President of the Verifiers Club of the PEP Association

Our LCA and eco-design Project Manager Tim Osmond has just been elected President of the P.E.P. Ecopassport Association®.

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Carte blanche to an artist

This year, we gave carte blanche to an artist, Benjamin Dumond, to design our 2022 greeting card.

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